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Have you been waking up with sore back and pain in your neck? Are you having restless nights and finding it hard to get a good night’s sleep? Most of these issues are likely caused by the pillow you sleep on. Neither cheap foam pillow nor the more expensive down pillows offer the proper support and contours that would allow your body to reach a healthy position during the night.

The irregular contours of the pillows and bad sleeping posture they promote can lead to both short term negative effects such as lack of good sleep or morning pain but also to long term issues with disks and nerves which can be quite serious.

This is why a pillow that will promote a healthy sleeping posture and proper neck spine alignment is needed. If you have been experiencing these issues and looking for such a pillow, Perform Memory Foam Neck Pillow is exactly the product you were looking for. Designed and tested by professional chiropractors, this versatile pillow will serve as an excellent tool in alleviating your morning pains.

Why a Memory Foam Neck Pillow?

Memory Foam Neck PillowThe standard down pillows are an invention of old. They have basically become obsolete as their shape and the fact they are completely soft and offer no support to your neck and spine make them very unhealthy to sleep on.

While at some point they were the only option, foam pillows change this in a big way by offering support during sleep, allowing your neck and spine to align in a proper way, as they would when you are standing up. This allows your spine to remain healthy and not get damaged over time by countless nights of horrible posture. So let us discuss why Perform Pillow is the memory foam neck pillow you should get.

Benefits of a Memory Foam Neck Pillow

1. The Perform Memory Foam Pillow is made of a blend bamboo and polyester and stuffed with special density foam which guarantees your body will not twist into unnatural positions during the night. The pillow comes along with a super luxurious machine washable bamboo cover that will improve your sleep experience even further.

2. This extremely healthy pillow has also been created in the ultimate Eco-friendly way, without the use of any heavy metals including lead and with minimal volatile organic compound emission. The pillow also works great for people with night allergies as it is completely resistant to dust mites and hypoallergenic.

3. Designed by an experienced chiropractor, the design of this memory foam pillow is flawless. The comfort you will feel sleeping on Perform Pillow will outmatch any pillow you have ever experienced as it’s contoured shape and density foam correct your posture throughout the night, making your neck and back fit perfectly.

4. The memory foam offers not only extreme comfort in terms of shape but also makes the pillow extremely breathable. Sleeping on this memory foam neck pillow will be the next best thing to sleeping on a cloud. The added bamboo cover that comes for free with the pillow will provide extra breath-ability and help prevent any headaches and allergies that you may have been experiencing.

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– Excellent Design

– Eco-Friendly Materials

– Anti-Allergenic and Dust Mite Resistant

– Soft Materials For Extreme Comfort

– Ever Adapting Contours

– Extra-Breathable Bamboo Cover

– Designed and Approved by a Chiropractor

– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


– Size Can Be an Issue

– Can Be a Little Thick for Some People


Q. Is this pillow firm enough?

Yes! The Perform Pillow is extremely firm, yet adjustable and will contour around your head while maintaining firmness.

Q. I am a side sleeper, will this work for me?

Absolutely, Perform Pillow works great for both back and side sleepers, with no issues.

Q. Are the materials safe?

Yes, the materials used to create Perform Pillow are all natural and don’t contain mercury, lead or any other harmful compounds.

Q. Can I wash my pillowcase in the washing machine?

You can wash the pillowcase in the machine, while the foam of the pillow may get damaged in the washing machine.

My Recommendation

Coming at an extremely affordable price for a product of such quality and with a 30 day full money back guarantee, this memory foam neck pillow has proved its worth with hundreds of happy customers. With nearly perfect ratings on all user review sites, this product is a must have in your household.

The pillow readily offers everything one could expect it to, including perfect contouring for good posture support, anti-allergenic properties and Eco-friendly materials. If you are looking to be healthy and get good sleep night after night, Perform Pillow will be the best investment you have ever made.

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Natalie - June 27, 2017

Hi I want to try your pillow but not sure which one to order. I am 5’6″, 112 lbs; I think I have a long thin neck, a lot of hyper mobility in my neck, and have head neck and Tmj issues for years. For years I have used a pillow with a rolled up towel in it , but I don’t think it works well enough I often wake up with headaches and also jaw pain from grinding my teeth . I tried my husbands regular Foam contour pillow last night ; I felt like my neck was much better supported than usual but the thickness it has seems to unnaturally push my jaw, which is why I am considering your low-profile pillow …. i’m just not sure if it will be thick enough to support the neck properly. Online I read that it is better for smaller necks…. By smaller does that mean shorter or narrower ? I would say my neck is on the long and narrow side ….. I would appreciate any recommendations thank you very much !


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