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Waking up with a stiff neck is an awful feeling that some people experience every morning. Not only does a knot in the neck make it difficult to move, but it could also send a stabbing pain down your arms or back. In some cases, the sufferer also experiences headaches through the day, ranging from dull to migraine intensity. Neck pain in the morning can last all day, and may also be the reason behind back aches, sciatica, arm, and leg numbness, which leaves people feeling irritable and exhausted.

It is common to attribute these painful symptoms to the mattress or sleeping posture, but it’s seldom the reason. Many experts have suggested that poor neck posturing and support during the night is most times the cause of neck pain, stiff neck, headache and shoulder blade or arm pain. Sleeping on the right pillow is an essential requirement for getting a good night’s sleep.

Dr J’s Sleep Solution

There are different types of cervical pillows that come in odd shapes and sizes. But, to reap the benefits of a chiropractic cervical pillow, then you definitely should choose a ground-breaking product, engineered by a Doctor for all sleeping positions.

Dr J’s Sleep Solution is a chiropractic cervical contour pillow that can align your head and neck correctly. No matter your sleeping position – back or side- this pillow is designed to supply the most comfortable sleep possible. Dr J’s Sleep Solution pillow keeps the neck in line with our head and back to prevent neck stiffness and pain in the morning.

The Chiropractic Cervical Contour Pillow was designed by Dr. Jarrett Grunstein, a renowned chiropractic physician, and sports injury consultant. After years of research, the Dr J’s Sleep Solution was developed and brought to market.

Every person has a different mode of sleeping, whether you’re a side or back sleeper, the unique construction of Dr J’s Sleep Solution pillow will keep your head, neck and shoulders in the right position. Even as you move between back to side, the correct spinal alignment and support are maintained, relieving you of pain and providing an excellent nighttime rest.

How Can Dr J’s Sleep Solution Help?

A scientific study was carried out by Drs. Lavin, Kuhlemeier, and Pappagallo at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. They recruited 46 subjects who had chronic neck pain and cervicogenic headaches.

The study discovered that pillows that adapted to the position and shape of a persons’ head and neck during various sleep positions enhanced the state of the subjects head and neck alignment. From the findings of their study, they recommended that supportive pillows should always be part of a chiropractor’s treatment recommendations.

Many other studies have also shown that a neck pillow can enhance the quality of sleep and reduce pain levels. The reason behind this is straightforward. The neck is made of up muscles, cartilage, tendons, and seven small bones. These bones are all part of one single column of bones—the cervical part of the spinal column. These tiny bones are not linked together, but sitting on a bed of fluid.

Their job is to protect the most fundamental part of our body, which is the central nervous system. They also support the head and giving us the ability to move our heads and necks freely. Without proper alignment, or if these tiny bones are displaced, we would become incapacitated.

Main features of Dr J’s Sleep Solution Cervical Contour Pillow:

A Supportive Head Cradle

Dr J’s Sleep Solution chiropractic cervical contour pillow gives you exceptional flexibility and comfort that cradles your neck as you sleep. The head cradle, places you in the best position (on your back) for a more restful night’s sleep and helps remove morning neck pain. It was created with a unique ability to cradle your head softly and support it to an all-natural posture.

Dr J’s Sleep Solution pillow is exceptional for preventing neck pain, because of its special shape, which was created to support the head and neck, giving it a more comfortable touch regardless of what your favorite sleep position is.

The side wings keep the side sleepers’ back in perfect alignment! The pillow protects back sleepers’ from having their necks arched and chin pointing downward; an incorrect posture that is a recipe for neck pain in the morning. This is achieved because the cervical contour pillow has a curve that keeps the head from being pushed up and forwards.

Durable Cervical Contour Pillow

Dr J’s Sleep Solution contour pillow is made from durable, simple to care for fabrics. The interior is made so that air flows smoothly through the entire pillow to relieve heat build-up.

Built with a 233 thread-count, the 100-percent cotton casing creates a pillow that’s extremely durable and soft. Each side of the pillow is made of polyester down alternative fiber to ensure an entirely balanced pillow. A decorative and yet practical corded edge adds extra strength and style.

Made With Hypoallergenic Materials

Dr J’s Sleep Solution pillow is a natural, hypoallergenic product that is perfect for the sensitive sleeper. The hypoallergenic cover and mold resistant interior allow you to sleep soundly and keeps you feeling healthy and clean. It is ideal for allergy sufferers because the material also resists mildew and mites.

Dr J’s Sleep Solution Has A Unique Tricore Design

The exceptional design allows for a comfy sleep whether on your left, right or back side. It’s has a recessed center that enables side sleepers keep their heads in line with their back, as well as gives tummy sleepers the capacity to lie with their face on the pillow without obstructing airways or making their skin hot.

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  • Comfortable design
  • Luxurious 100% Cotton Cover
  • Machine washable
  • Fits standard, queen and jumbo size pillowcases
  • Ships with a bonus reusable travel carry bag


  • It will take a couple of nights to get used to the design, but then it becomes very comfortable.
  • For side sleepers, the side wings aren’t solid enough to keep your head in them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Dr J’s Sleep Solution pillows come in different sizes?

A: No it comes in one size with these dimensions- 20″ H x 28″ W x 5″ D

Q: Is Dr. J a real doctor?

A: Yes he’s a real physician. Dr. Jarrett Grunstein is a chiropractic physician and sports injury consultant. After several years of treating thousands of patients in his private practice and consulting as a chiropractor for a professional sports team, he decided to fill the demand for an ergonomic pillow that supports impartial alignment of the spinal column. Hence the birth of Dr J’s Sleep Solution cervical pillow.

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My Recommendation

Dr J’s Sleep Solution pillow is an excellent choice for eliminating neck pain while enjoying the ultimate in extravagance and relaxation. It is an important purchase for anyone who is afflicted with neck stiffness in the mornings or people with an issue coping with neck pain during the day.

Whether you have problems with stiffness or persistent neck pain from an injury, Dr J’s Sleep Solution cervical pillows will help provide support all through your sleep. It will take a few days to break into it, but otherwise this is a good buy.

Choosing the wrong chiropractic pillow can be more harmful than good. It can increase the pain and make your situation worse than it was original. So, be sure to pick the pillow that fits your sleeping position.

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My goal of starting this website is to try and reach out to as much people as I can who suffer from neck pain. And to let you know that there is a possible solution to your situation.

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Dr J's Sleep Solution Pillow - August 22, 2016

Richard – we are so thrilled that you like the pillow. We have found so many people with neck pain that have really improved their quality of sleep after using our pillow!! Here is our facebook page with more details on the product and some GREAT customer reviews!!

Thanks Again!!

Patricia Kay Seibert - December 9, 2016

I bought one of your pillows on Amazon and like it as a back and side sleeper. However, it seems the filling in the little area that cradles the neck for back sleeping has pushed apart and has become flattened. It is not comfortable now. What’s up with that? How can I fix it?


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