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If you’re yearning for more luxury and comfort in bed, as well as better health, then it’s definitely a smart choice to invest in a contour memory foam pillow. A good pillow with some velocity and density can add extra support to your neck and head to improve the quality of your sleep.

There are many memory foam pillows on the market, and technology is improving day by day. Therefore, you need to invest in one that’s backed by solid scientific research.

If you’ve been having some difficulty lately, waking with shoulder or neck pain, feeling as if you’re constantly moving your pillow or fluffing, or simply fail to get right alignment during sleep, then contour memory foam pillow is definitely the best way to enhance your comfort, sleep, and overall health.

In a recent study by Harvard Medical University, it was found that sleeping on the back or side is best way to prevent back and neck pain. Those positions ensure best neck protection. Stomach sleepers have the most vulnerable position for their spine.

However, Harvard research also explained further the type of pillow that you should use in those positions to enhance the quality of sleep you get and if you wake up in the morning with pain in your shoulders, neck or back.

In fact, bad sleeping positions and neck pain are responsible for different types of headaches and migraines, and can leave you fatigued and drained all day long. The new contour memory foam pillows are perfect for back and side sleeping positions.

Its completely unique contour design is modeled to be readily formed to your head as well as neck for a comfortable support system while you sleep.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow Benefits

There are many benefits of owning and using this pillow and they’ll most likely vary in significance for you. So it’s best to know ahead of time the benefits you hope to experience, and how specifically you’d like to enhance your sleep.

Better Comfort

Memory foam pillows design enhances your comfort at night. There’s nothing more annoying than turning and tossing at night, trying to find that sweet spot. Contour memory foam pillow is designed to help create that sweet spot all night long. Because foam responds quickly to unique contours of body, you can easily achieve the proper comfort and firmness level each and every night.


As memory foam is made from hypoallergenic material, you’re going to experience many key benefits of using this pillow. Certainly if you’re suffering from allergies, or simply have an allergen phobia, owing a contour memory foam pillow will definitely help you sleep more soundly.

Better Alignment

The contour memory foam pillow has been designed to place your spine in proper alignment throughout the night, especially when it’s used in conjugation with right memory foam matteress. When you sleep on your side or back, the pillow will get at at right weight. When your body is in properly alignment, your muscles relax better.

A Cooler Night

If you overheat during the night, then this pillow is your best friend. Nothing makes sleeping more dreadful than overheating and this particular memory foam has been designed to enhance air circulation to keep your head and body at an ideal temperature all night long.


Contour memory foam pillows are built to last and will maintains its shape for years. Any standard pillow can lose its shape fast, but you should be able to go on for years before ever needing to buy another memory foam pillow. This offers best possible returns on your investment.

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Key Features

  1. Great support to back, neck and shoulders
  2. Confirms to the shape of the body
  3. Improves blood circulation and soothes sensitive points
  4. Sure Temp Memory Foam
  5. Multiple Sleep Profiles
  6. Full 5 years Warranty
  7. 2-in-1-design
  8. Medium-firm support and comfort
  9. 3-lb memory foam
  10. Promotes spinal alignment for side and back sleepers
  11. Contoured design promotes therapeutic support
  12. 100% cotton cover
  13. Hypoallergenic, allergy free foam
  14. Cover is easy to remove and care for
  15. Will easily fit standard pillowcases


Why You Should Buy Contour Memory Foam Pillow?

Fillers like down, faux feathers, or polyester stuffings are common in today’s traditional pillows. The biggest problem with all these materials is that they tend to shift throughout the night, resulting in a pillow that’s flat on one side, and completely stuffed on the other.

What’s more, with passage of time, the material inside the pillow hardens or breaks down. This means that you will have to replace your pillow every few months, or suffer from its painful consequences. This pillow maintains its shape all through the night and may last for years. Its material won’t shift and it will promote sleep without repetitive wakefullness.

The pillow is made using 3-pound memory foam, and it has been effectively designed to evenly distribute your body weight to ensure better circulation that helps in relieving sensitive pressure points. The soft cover is made using terry velour and can be quickly removed to ensure effortless cleaning.

Contoured Design

Design of contour memory foam pillow allows you to easily personalize it as per your unique needs and preferences. There are two contour heights-low and high-and each of these offers different level of support to rest of your body.

Highest contour raises your head slightly if you find this more comfortable. It is never too soft or too firm; it exerts gentle and equal pressure and also cradles your head, helping you sleep calmly and fast-and stay asleep throughout the night.

The Sleep Innovations Mission

The Sleep Innovations Mission is to develop pillows and mattresses that solve one big problem, whether that problem is a stiff neck, a backache, or an inability to stay calm and cool at night. Sleep Innovation does extensive research and takes time to find exact solution for their customers according to their wants and needs.

They develop products that can quickly change their lives for the better. They research technologies, materials, and unique designs each single day in order to come up with their affordable, industry leading products.

Five-Year Warranty

Sleep Innovations is dedicated to providing the best possible sleeping aids. Their pillows come with a rock-solid 5-years warranty against all manufacturing defects or flattening, so you can be rest assured that you’re getting a pillow that will perform flawlessly for years.

While other pillows on the market lose shape only after weeks or months, contour memory foam pillow maintains its shape for years. Their long warranty for defects in workmanship and material is available to all who register their product on the company’s website.

The process takes just few minutes, but provides peace of mind when it comes to your investment. Your pillow will be replaced or repaired if anything goes wrong within the 5-year time frame, and you can easily get one replacement one warranty term. Keep in mind that only its outer cover is washable; so washing pillow itself voids the warranty.

Relief from Headaches and Stiff Muscles

A poorly designed pillow can exacerbate number of ailments including stiff neck, headaches, and even back pain. When your body and head do not align properly as you sleep, the muscles surrounding your spine cannot relax fully. Thus, when you sleep, some tension builds up, and you may wake up next morning with pain, stiffness, and some headache. A contour memory foam pillow can alleviate stress by ensuring your spine aligns properly throughout the night as you sleep. There’s no need to stir during the night to resituate your pillow, and when you wake up in the morning, you’ll feel pain-free, rested, and ready to start your day.

Made in the USA by Sleep Innovations

The contour foam pillow is made in the US with the finest available materials. Its inner core is thick, plus its precision shape comes from resilient memory foam. Shaped as gentle “V”with slightly thicker edges, it has a specially designed recessed center to allow your head to lower gently in the perfect position for both back and side sleepers. The cover is made of washable, durable terry velour that is luxurious and soft. It’s super easy to remove and can be machine washed and dried in minutes.

Keeps Cool

Memory foam is naturally resistant to moisture caused by room temperatures or body heat. The Sure Temp foam used in the pillow is designed to keep from absorbing body heat so this pillow does not warm up while you’re sleeping. Memory foam comforts you and will keep you sleeping for a longer time by distributing your body’s weight in a better way as you move, and following your form naturally without bunching or flattening.

Various shapes and sizes

Contour Memory Foam Pillow available in two shapes and sizes:


Contour Memory Foam Pillow Standard

1. Standard Size 

Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Contour Memory Foam Pillow Queen

2. Queen Size


It’s to be specified here that this pillow can easily mold itself to the shape of your head, so its actual size is not a big concern when it comes to the amount of support that it offers.

Who Needs a Contour Memory Foam Pillow?

If you’re wondering whether Sleep Innovations latest contour memory foam pillow is best for you, remember that almost everybody can benefit from spinal alignment while sleeping.

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A contour memory foam pillow can surely benefit the following type of people:

* Insomniacs – Drifting off to sleep can be an uphill takes if you cannot get comfortable. This memory foam pillow applies even pressure all around the head, providing you that ultimate comfort.

* Migraine sufferers – Tense muscles can easily trigger migraines, and they certainly do little to alleviate its symptoms. This contour memory foam pillow can align your spine and also allow the muscles to relax completely.

* Pillow flippers – If you wake up at night feeling hot and flip your pillow to the cooler side, then contour memory foam pillow is for you. Your body heat cannot worm up the memory foam like other pillows, so you can sleep soundly with fewer interruptions.

If you experience an odor which is “Fresh Foam” door, don’t panic as it is not harmful. This odor will dissipate within 48-72 hours from when the pillow is unpacked and aired out. In rare cases it can take up to a week for the odor to fully dissipate. You can get quicker results by spraying the foam lightly with Lysol or Febreze. However, foam should never be saturated.

Minor Issues

* The technology to manufacture these pillows has improved a lot and has helped in creating the best possible sleeping experience for its users. Past customers of this pillow may not find this new pillow as firm as its previous pillow. That’s mainly because company wanted to ensure that their pillows are comfortable and soft without sacrificing firm support that kept people healthy and pain free while they slept.

* Another issue for all stomach sleepers is that the contour memory foam pillow not as easily shapes to their face as their stomach position.

* The pillow is not good for supporting the stomach or back for pregnant women, or for all those who want this pillow to keep them in position on their sides. These pillows shape makes it specific for a particular use, keeping neck in line on the side while you’re sleeping on the back.


Consumer Comments

Finding the perfect pillow is easy if you examine how others have felt about their experiences. Users really love the quality and feel of contour memory foam pillows. Many of them simply love the pillow itself, and others are satisfied with the customer support offered by Sleep Innovations along with the great quality of contour pillow. There are more than 2700 positive reviews about contour memory foam pillow on Amazon. Few comments of satisfied customers include:

“Affordable and luxurious”

“Great for people of any size. Everyone in my family has one and they all really love it.”

“Molded to the nape of neck and relieved the pain I felt when waking upon in the morning on other pillows”


Our Recommendation

We feel that the contour memory foam pillow from Sleep Innovations is an affordable pillow with cutting edge materials and design. It is manufactured to exact scientific proportions, which helps in creating a perfect cradle for your neck and head that firmly supports your spine while being soft and comfortable.

It’s a good choice for the entire family and can definitely help all those who suffer from pain and diseases due to improper sleeping positions, or those who have pain due to illnesses or injuries.

Hundreds of positive reviews of satisfied users on the Amazon firmly affirm the build and quality of the contour pillow. A long 5 years warranty ensures complete peace of mind. It’s surely a solid product that will last a lifetime and will help make your life healthy and cheerful. Best of all, it’s very affordable and available in standard and queen size.

It’s definitely a great deal not to be missed. We highly recommend this product. Pick one today on Amazon.com and switch to a pain free and stress free life and sleep better the first time you use it! You get free two day delivery with Amazon prime.

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My goal of starting this website is to try and reach out to as much people as I can who suffer from neck pain. And to let you know that there is a possible solution to your situation.

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Demetri Maroosis - January 28, 2017

Am interested in the Sleep Innovations memory foam standard contour pillow. Am concerned re how its “Sure Temp” foam design can really keep your head cool on hot summer nights? Other so called cool designed foam pillows have installed air hole vents or offer a cool touch pad attached to the pillow surface to resolve the summer heat issue. How effective is the Sleep Innovation cooling design compared to competition? Am really concerned re keeping my head cool on hot summer nights.


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