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Neck, shoulder and back pain, headaches, muscle stiffness and snoring can all be the side effects of sleeping on the wrong pillow. While in some cases these pains and issues are just minor, they can sometimes become very sever and require immediate attention.

Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain

In cases where using a poorly made pillow has led to intense pains and when there is a real risk of cervical hypolodrosis (wrong spine curvature), cervical pillows are used to promote good posture and natural alignment of neck and spine. So if you are looking for a great cervical pillow for neck pain then i must say that Pillo1 Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain will be the best choice.

Pillo1 is one of the finest and best designed cervical pillows for neck pain in the industry. Designed by dr. Hall, this cervical pillow offers perfect support to all your muscles, bones and joints during sleep, guaranteeing natural alignment of spine and neck. Pillo1 is used for both therapeutic needs by people with severe spine issues and by those who simply want to improve their sleeping posture and avoid such issues in the future.

Features of Pillo1 Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain

1. Manufactured by Dr. Hall’s company, Hall Innovations LLC and featured in the television show The Doctors, Pillo1 offers a number of unique characteristics that make it a better option than a simple down pillow and the best cervical pillow for neck pain out there.

2. The design of Pillo1 is completely ergonomic. The pillow is stuffed with memory foam which contours it to the shape of your head and neck as you sleep, eliminating any chance of bad posture or supporting all your boned and muscles.

3. For the purposes of this cervical pillow for neck pain, Dr. Hall and his team have pulled together thousands of pages of research in order to create the most complete and ergonomic cervical pillow for back pain on the modern market.

4. The pillow is designed and manufactured in the United States of America and every aspect of health that could be taken into consideration when making it was taken into consideration. The product was designed to provide ultimate support, but also allow its users to sleep well, with full lungs and maximum comfort.

5. Due to the extremely gentle foam inside it, sleeping o Pillo1 will feel like sleeping on a cloud. What is more, the materials making up this cervical pillow allow excellent perspiration, meaning you will not be laying there sweating through your forehead and neck like you do on so many other pillows.

6. Made from 100% Eco-friendly compounds, Pillo1 is also absolutely dust mite and allergen resistant and the extremely breathable Talalay Latex allows it to breath, letting you sleep with more comfort and not experience any nervousness or itching that may come when sleeping on other, less perfect pillows.

7. Pillo1 is truly the best and most perfectly designed cervical pillow for neck pain, and hundreds of happy customers who were experiencing excruciating pains in their necks and upper backs have testified as to how this cervical pillow for neck pain has helped them alleviate it.

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– Ergonomic design for optimal support.

– Eco-friendly and healthy materials.

– Manufactured and recommended by chiropractors.

– Created as a result of extensive research.

– Highly recommended by numerous doctors and users.

– Eliminates the chance of bad posture, headaches and allergies.


– Too high or thick for occasional customers.


Q. Is Pillo1 firm enough?

Absolutely! While it does contour around your head and neck perfectly, Pillo1 is firm enough to prevent your head from sinking into it.

Q. Can I get Pillo1 in a different size?

Yes, Dr. Hall offers several sizes and you can choose depending on your physique.

Q. Does Pillo1 make you sweat?

No. The materials used for manufacturing Pillo1 are extremely breathable and provide natural perspiration.

Q. Will this heal my pains and headaches?

It will certainly go a long way. Pillo1 is designed to reduce pains in neck and upper back as well as alleviate common sleep issues such as headaches and allergies.

My Recommendation

If you are experiencing pain during sleep or in the mornings in your neck or other parts of your body and you are looking for help, cervical pillow for back pain is the solution you will want. Pillo1 is, without any doubt, one of the finest such products on the market and it is certainly the safest option.

Pillo1 is an affordable product and will certainly be worth a purchase considering all the amazing effects it will have on your health. The product can be easily ordered from Amazon, where it has received nothing but glowing recommendations by dozens of happy buyers.

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