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Richard SidFounder, Neck Pain Pillow Guide  

My goal of starting this website is to try and reach out to as much people as I can who suffer from neck pain. And to let you know that there is a possible solution to your situation.

Neck pain can be terrible. There are thousands, maybe millions, of people across the world who suffer from neck-pain on a daily or weekly basis. Neck pain can cause discomfort, lack of focus and stiffness, including of course, pain.

There are basically many possible causes of neck pain which can be identified and managed by a doctor or other medical professionals. But in the majority of cases, the most common reason that people get neck pain is because they have not slept in a proper position. The spine is not naturally straight, it has a certain curve and if you don’t sleep in a position that caters to this natural shape, your muscles that are connected to that part of the spine may get sprained and that will then become neck pain for you.

How I Got Involved

My earliest memories of neck pain was probably in my early teenage years, but then it was on and off. I didn’t take it seriously though, and it wasn’t really serious either. It was when I got older that the occasional discomforts became more frequent. Slowly the increase in frequency started to affect my day to day life. When I had neck pain, driving was not as easy as normal and it also disturbed my focus at work.

Previously when I had neck pain, it would disappear almost as immediately as it came. But as I got older, I found that the painful periods were increasing in duration, sometimes up to three days at a go. It was in this period that I knew I had to seek help. While discussing one day with my colleague at work, he advised that I check out orthopedic pillows, because they do help people.

I took his advice and started to do some research. To my amazement, I found out all the different types of pillows that were in the market and all the different ways that they could help with sleeping posture and the elimination of neck pain. I finally settled on a shredded memory foam pillow and since then I have not had any other recurrence of neck pain. I have been delighted with my life since then and I still am delighted. In a way, the discovery of such a simple solution for my long-term debilitating neck-pain turned me into a pillow evangelist. I have since then been advising friends, relatives and co-workers on the need for a correct sleeping posture using specially designed pillows.

The Goal of This Website

The goal of this website is to continue the work that I have started within my circle of friends and family members. The changes that I have seen in my sleeping behavior and my life in general, since I started sleeping in a correct posture, coupled with the overwhelming positive feedback from my family and friends who have also switched pillows, is my driving force for embarking on this adventure to reach out to more people.

It is my hope and earnest desire that anybody seeking information concerning neck pain will be helped by this website. And that if your painful condition is caused by an incorrect sleeping posture or that you have no neck pains but rather cannot sleep deeply at night, that the information on this website will help you. I wish you a good life and moreover peace and happiness.


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