Best Pillow for Neck Pain 201​9: Reviews & The Ultimate Buying Guide

Did you know that an average person spends sleeping on a pillow for more than 2500 hours in a year? This means over 100 days continuously. The best pillow for neck pain is something more than just something you use to place your head at night. It is an essential part of getting a good night’s sleep. If you use the wrong pillow continuously, you end up getting a neck pain. It is much preferable to wake up from sleep feeling refreshed rather than with a sore neck.

These problems have been known to commonly being shrugged off as normal or very long hours of work, many hours in front of the computer screen or tension from stress. However, even though these are major contributing factors to neck, pain, the biggest problem is because of a bad pillow. A bad pillow is unable to support the neck and the spine properly while sleeping. There is no correct sleeping posture; however, a right pillow can go a long way to protect the neck from a bad posture while sleeping.

Types of pillows for neck pain

Synesthetic pillow: The synthetic best pillow for neck pain is relatively cheaper than other pillows. It is lightweight, excellent against allergies, and is easy to maintain. It can be scrunched, bent to get the right height. They are not noisy. These pillows flatten out quickly and have an average lifespan of 6 months to 2 years. The synthetic pillows are the workhorses of the pillow realm. They are the most versatile. They are ideal for the people with various sleeping styles. A decent synthetic pillow can prevent if not remediate neck pain.

Feather pillows: These pillows are inexpensive, soft, and durable and have a long lifespan. The feather quills often poke out of the hardest of the covers. These feather pillows are not good for the people that suffer from allergies and from severe neck pain. People who sleep on their backs can use these pillows.

Down Pillows: The Down pillows are soft pillows, which are lightweight, easy to shape, long lasting and cool. The Down pillows are highly luxurious. These pillows do not disappoint, and is extremely therapeutic for those who suffer from neck pain.

Memory Foam Pillows: The memory foam pillows are supportive and are a soft smooth pillow, which does not tend to clump. They are ideal for those people who have severe neck pain issues. These pillows are easy to look after and maintain.

Latex pillows: The latex pillows are made out of a natural material and are much cooler, than the memory foam pillows. These automatically take the shape of the head, and the neck and gives relief to the pressure points in the neck and the head. The latex pillows can be expensive. The latex pillows are highly coveted amongst the people suffering from pain relief. Before buying the latex, neck pain pillow, make sure the height is right.

Micro Bead Pillows: The Micro bead pillows are amongst the most effective treatments for the shoulder and the neck pain. These micro bead pillows, offer excellent support, and are conforming and moldable. These pillows are extremely light and airy. These are extremely soft and comfortable.

Water pillows: The water pillows are ideal for neck and shoulder pain, as it shapes itself automatically into the contours of the neck and the shoulder. They offer cooling, pain relief, and are firm to support the neck and the shoulders while sleeping. These pillows are really worth it, if the person suffering from neck pain is looking for a pillow that will provide extra support to his neck while sleeping.

TOP 5 - Neck Pain Pillow Recommended by Experts

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose Rayon Cover

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Coop Home goods is a brand which is dedicated to providing the very best in comfort bedding and advanced ingenuity in order to create a powerful aid for neck pain . The shredded foam pillow, gives one superior comfort and flexibility while using it. It cradles the neck region when one rests his head on the neck pain pillow. It is ideal, for back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

The spectacular airflow, in between the shredded pieces of the foam, ventilates the pillow and lets the person resting his head feel cool during the nighttime. The Bamboo fabric and proprietary blend of polyester does not absorb the moisture and enhances the coolness of the pillow. The foam material is much superior to the cotton filled or down pillows, due to the foam, which keeps its shape, molds perfectly according to the shape of the head and the neck, and provides optimum support. Continue Reading . . .

Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Pillow

Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

The Arc4life traction pillow is meant for anyone who faces severe neck pain while waking up. Since the neck pain is bound to last the entire day, it might be the cause of severe migraines, headaches, limb pain, fatigue and lower back pain. The pillow has a recessed center part with sides that are sculpted. The design makes the best pillow for neck pain comfortable and easy on the neck. Sleeping positions on the side, flat on the stomach and on the back can be supported by the shape and sculpted design of this pillow.

People of all ages suffering from neck pain can use the pillow. In addition to alleviating the neck pain, it also eases the back and makes falling asleep much easier. The traction pillow eliminates snoring, makes it easier to breathe while sleeping. The stuffed fiber filling facilitates movement at night due to the moldable nature of the material. The fiber filling also allows for quick airflow, which leaves the person feeling cool and refreshed on waking up. The Arc4life pillow is foldable, so that it is thicker for extra comfort for those who sleep on the sides. Continue Reading . . .

Memory Foam Pillow by Perform Pillow

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Perform Pillow is one of the leaders, in the pillow industry for designing top of the line pillows. The memory foam pillow is ideal too prevent neck pain. The special shape of the neck pain pillow is ideal to cradle the neck and the head.

No matter what the sleep position is, the feel of the pillow is comfortable. The recessed center, allows the person sleeping on his back to keep the head in line of the spine.

The recessed center allows the person sleeping on his stomach, to lay face down on the pillow, without making the skin feel hot, or without pressure, that blocks the airways. The ergonomic shape of the pillow, allows the head to prop up. It is a great option for those suffering from neck pain. Continue Reading . . .

PILLO1 –Dr Halls Eco Luxe Pillow

Therapeutic Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain

Dr Raymond Hall has created the state of the art design of the PILLO1. He has spent the last 10 years doing research .He has treated almost 10000 patients suffering from chronic neck pain in the 25 years of his career. The PILLO1 is designed to give the head and the neck of the person the ideal support, whether he is lying on the side or on the back , in order to reduce thee disc, ligament, nerve and muscle tension .A study indicates, that the users using PILLO1 fall sleep 19% faster.

The study indicates that the pillow increases the back lying position by 30%. The study also indicates that the users using the PILLO 1 enjoys increased REM sleep by 21.3%.The PILLO1 1 is available to the public in 3 sizes . The small size is perfect for a man between four and five foot in height. The Medium size is alright for those between 5 and 6 foot in height.

The large variant is suitable for those between 6 foot and up. The stomach and the side sleepers can take advantage of the thick padding on the edges, which support the neck. The back sleepers can sleep comfortably with the heads in the central depression and the necks supported by the thick outer rims, which keep the spine properly aligned. Continue Reading . . . 

Nayoya Back and Neck pain Relief Acupressure Pillow set and mat

Nayoya Back and Neck Pain

The acupuncture therapy provided by this mat is one without any side effects. It heals by applying a pressure in the main acupuncture points of the body .Instead of needles; the mat uses plastic nodes, which act as acupuncture points. It is useful for a variety of ailments like the backaches, neck pain, muscle aches, and headaches. It relieves the tension and improves blood circulation. The Nayoya pillow set aims to achieve with the body, what an accomplished acupressure practitioner might with the incorporation of thousands of plastic points.

The mat gives instant neck pain relief to those with neck pain. The neck pressure pillow possesses 1782 points of acupressure, which soothes and eases neck pain. The pillow set will relieve nerve stress and spinal tension that leads to neck pain. It is meant to target those areas specifically, which can cause pain the body.

The neck and shoulder regions are deeply relaxed with this best pillow for neck pain. The plastic points are sharp, but just enough to apply the right amount of pressure and not to pierce through the skin. The mat and the pillow set can be used by people of all ages. The purpose is to lie down on the mat and the pillow set for a minimum of 5 minutes. The pressure points will release endorphins, which will remove all the stress. It will also work to increase the blood flow in the area of the neck and head region. This will ease the stress and improve sleep quality. Continue Reading . . .

Buying Guide : Things to Consider Before Buying

One spends a lot of time sleeping on pillows. It is worth the time and the effort to choose a neck pain pillow that will be suitable for you. The sleeping style is what determines the height of the pillow. Based on the state of the neck, the back and the spine, the amount of support that a pillow gives will vary. The right pillow can eliminate neck pain and stress.

The pillow should be wide to fit the neck and the head. When the person lying on the average pillow lays his head on the pillow, there is a massive gap between the shoulders and the head. This part of the neck is exposed to air. It is essential to keep the upper part of the shoulders and the lower region of the neck warm, to avoid stiffness, and ache in the neck.

Using more than one pillow will tilt the head in the forward direction, and will cause excess strain and stress in the neck region. Buy a best pillow for neck pain ,which suits the sleeping position .If a person is a side sleeper or prefers to sleep on the stomach, then the pillow being used, should be flat and soft. This is meant to ensure that the neck and the shoulders are not tilted in an unnatural posture while the person is sleeping.

The water based pillows and the memory foam based pillows are ideal for neck pain. These do not flatten and bunch up easily. A study showed, that the foam based pillows and the water-based pillows, redistribute the weight of the body as it moves and absorbs the shock that was intended for the vertebra. The water-based pillows can be adjusted to the level of firmness as well. Pick a pillow that is easy to maintain and has a washable case and an inner core, which can be wiped clean, washed in the machine. This ensures that the pillow lasts long.

​Final Words

Making the wrong choice of the pillow can cause the neck pain to worsen over time. Whether you suffer from sleep position neck pain or chronic neck pain, these pillows are sure to provide the relief that you deserve and give you a goodnight’s rest. Choose the best pillow for neck pain, which matches the size needs, sleep positions, and the filling preference.

Even though the pillow might be an expensive investment, it is worth it due to the medical healing benefits it will provide in the long run. All these pillows have received the best possible customer reviews. These neck pain pillows are highly coveted amongst those who suffer from chronic neck pain. Put an end to all the suffering today.